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Very often a marketer wants to see how the products look like in different color. Sometimes they call us for to alter the color to get a better and vibrant look. So we can see- color correction is important and we proudly say that we have very efficient and creative designers to do that task for you.

Who can tell better than an artist what color suits the best. We have in-house art-directors to choose the fit for your image.

Color Correction service is the process of changing the color of a digital image, digital video or any form of digital media. Many times certain colors of objects in an image such as clothes or accessories have to be changed to different colors, moderated for color correction, or recolored to restore balance. This is achieved with perfection using professional Photoshop services.

The cobra is red
The cobra is black
The cobra is red
The cobra is black
The cobra is red
The cobra is black
The cobra is red
The cobra is black

Why use Recolor or Color Correction Service?

There are various potential uses for color correction services. However, the most common example is that of an e-commerce site which needs to display a product in various colors. For example, a Polo T-shirt with various colors is necessary to be in display for the consumer to imagine which would suit them best.

A model does not need to wear a shirt of every color during the photo session; this would make it lengthy, expensive and troublesome. A model can wear a T-shirt of Blue Color which could then be recolored using color correction service for other colors such as Green, Red, Purple, etc. This option is much more profitable compared to hiring a model and dressing them in every available color of clothing. Thus, it saves cost and time without compromising in the display of multiple products for the benefit of consumers.

Color Correction at Creative Clipping Path

Color correction experts of photo trims waiting to put their best effort to your image. Don’t worry about correcting color of your image leave the task to us and get the expected results.

Improve and enhance your images with our professional color correction/management team. Including:

  • Overall color correction ‘Clean, Bright and Contrast’
  • Cast removal
  • Color replacement
  • Color management – optimize your images for reproduction, ie newspaper, magazine etc.

Our color correction services include:

  • Colour Adjustment
  • Providing Multiple Color Outputs for a Single Product
  • Exposure Adjustment
  • Adjusting Color Tones
  • Color Temperature and Tint Adjustment
  • Highlight & Shadow Compensation
  • Contrast and Saturation Correction
  • Vibrancy and Clarity Adjustment
  • Sharpness, Contrast and Density Correction
  • Converting B&W Images to Colour and Vice Versa

Our color correction service is perfect for:

  • Product & Food Photography
  • Fashion & Textile Industry
  • Ecommerce Industry
  • Color Replacement
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Image optimization for different Print media

Sharpness Correction

Accurate image is most probably can be called image with proper sharpness, since this notion is very subjective. Some see it as the contrast high level within the boundaries of the image. We use it only for the commercial editing and on the request of the customer in most cases, since it cannot applied to all the images. It grabs the customer’s attention and that’s why it is important.

Contrast Correction

Under the notion contrast clear division between bright and dark is made within the photo. It makes all the images seem more perceptible. It influences the range of the range of light and darkness making them more intensive.

Density Correction

Correction of this type influences the balance of color and tones of the photo bringing it to the average. Density color service provides images with new appearance. In addition to it, the quality of the shot is raised. That’s why not only photographers but also film makers apply it. Tis correction is widely appreciated for its high results of implication.

Convert B&W images to color

Colorizing an image is quite laborious issue. It requires a lot of persistence. Most frequent are old photos, since then colored images didn’t exist at all. It happens that customers want to bring them alive and full in color.

Convert color photo to black and white

This process is the opposite one to that described above. It is always trendy to have your pictures done in black and white pallet, since this kind of images are always in fashion. They show everything in other way revealing real truthful emotions and feelings.

What profits and offers  do our agency suggest?

Modern World is driven around by the art of photography. Nobody will point exactly to the amount cameras people own or to the number of shooters no matter if they are pro or just beginners. People are crazy about quality images and are ready to get the star out of the sky to have them. Unfortunately, there are also images coming across which you realize that they are harshly but  rubbish.

We edit images with low quality since we  fix them and they gain the propper appearance. Our company is quite famous because we incorporate with photog from all around the globe. In addition, our agency puts forward a great number of digital photo enhancement services.  Pro photographers and aspiring amateurs are easy to indulge into them. Desiresare are no longer in mind, they become the reality.

Our company is a specialist in wedding photography post production. The professionals  make each and every out of  the wedding images astonishing. None of your friends can even dream to have something similar to them. Your family members will like them and you together with them are to recollect those happy moments of the turning day-point of the life. The retouching blog is always at hand of everybody interested in photo editing and  if you are searching  for helpful and relevant information concerning  jewellery retouching services as well you are on the right way. it is full of interesting couching tutorials in terms of Photoshop editing and other digital software.

Brilliant family photo editing online has already been waiting for you and images for the memory albums. We are looking forward to editing them since baby photo retouching is magnificent if it concerns our retouches. Photos  cannot be compared to anything else in the whole world due to the emotions they evoke.

It often happens that quality portrait photos can drive us nuts and mesmerize with each time more. that’s why people,   everything is performed on the high level with manual labor of our skilled and highly qualified editors. They produce images worthy the cover of Vogue. In combination with background removal service they become even more eye-catchy and awesome.

Coming still further, our agency offers old photo restoration services. Many of our readers have already found out how laborious and at the simultaneously time consuming it is. Although, our editorial stuff is not afraid of this job. So, we create miracles out of the old images. You will be stuck with before and after photos, but to a good content. It is the great opportunity to breath in a new life into your old memories with old photo editing. Our rule confirms always to listen to customer’s desires. Consequently, we do our best and everything possible to realize them.

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